corona fears

  1. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Taiwan tests it's locally produced and Internationally unrecognized Medigen Corona Vaccine on Somalilanders like a Guinea Pig

    The Taiwan locally produced Corona Vaccine hasn't received any approval anywhere in the world including Taiwan nor it has gained any confidence outside the Chinese disputed island. Let us just hope and pray the guinea pig Citizens in the Traingle desert state of Northwestern Somalia don't...
  2. Strike6times

    UK government to announce lockdown?

    I'm seeing people saying that the government will put the country on lockdown Thursday night until April 2nd and that there will be military and police outside to make sure people are inside apparently there's been military spotted on motorways:damn:
  3. Medulla

    BREAKING NEWS Coronavirus Epidemic News Updates

    As most of you guys may know coronavirus is another killer diseases china is at fault for cause they can't help but have no real regulations on meat or any of their industries . SARS in 2002 ( 600 people died) and now coronavirus in 2020 it's like the chinese goverment thinks only poor people...