colonial era

  1. Hamzarashid

    In deep analysis of somalia was colonised by the Europeans

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  2. Mugi

    Sheikh Uways al-Barawi and the islamic anti-colonial resistance in East Africa

    First years of his life Sheikh Uways was born in Baraawe in 1847 and was ethnically Somali from the Tunni Dafaradhi clan. He was from a well-off family in Baraawe and his father al-Hajj Muhammad Bashir was a minor religious official in the city. As a kid he begann to learn more about the...
  3. Grigori Rasputin

    Xaliimo tells the story, on BBC, the unjust hanging of a British-Somali in 1952 in Wales A Jamaican framed him The killer was most certainly the Jamaican The story is full of intrigue This other Somali could’ve killed her because he later killed someone was found to be insane