1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    What Was Your College Major?

    When I went to college after HS it was community college and I majored in Computer Science, big mistake. I'm going back to college hopefully this year to major in Liberal Arts, then transfer to a four-year to major in Jewish Studies. What was your major?
  2. H

    one of my biggest regrets from college

    4 years ago, in san jose city college, that lovely PAHG 0:32 (on the right) showed consistent interest for a whole semester. I mean CONSISTENT. body language signs, eye fucking the shit out of me etc..........but I was too much of a pussy to express my interest in her let alone get the digits. I...
  3. M

    Join the Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals

    Mission Statement Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals is an organisation founded by University College London Somali Society (UCL Som-Soc). Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global movement that exists to mobilise young Somalis to use their talents, work together...