1. Kizaru

    A New Design for Formal attire in our country.

    Suits are cool but represents Cadaan british culture. Its gone world wide which could be good but i want our people to have their own formal and business attire.
  2. Internet Nomad

    Fashion Tips

    Can anyone name this style? Do you think this type of style looks good.
  3. Prince Abubu

    What's the most expensive item you own?

    Vintage glasses, watches and cufflinks. Several hundreds of £s each. Never again. :liberaltears::jcoleno:
  4. TheMadMullah

    The kneegrows would have been naked to date

    It's a fact that the kneegrows would have been in the bush and naked hadn't they NOT been exposed to outside world. Had the Arabs and whites and other civilized groups never made a contact with them they would never known what clothes are let alone anything else. Evidence to this is the blacks...
  5. Kezira

    Hijab and tight clothes