1. Kizaru

    How would you know a elements standard state?

    I was doing some exam questions but i came across a formation cycle for the reaction SnO2 (s) + 2CO (g) ------> Sn(s) + 2CO2 The guy said in carbons standard state it graphite. Its easy to remember but why is carbon, in its standard state, graphite Anyone. Google is having a meltdown andwont...
  2. SultanuuFicaan

    Somali astrological, Scientific and Mathematical terms + their 1987 dictionaries

    Astronomy/Astrology; Space = Fagaagga Space and Time = Fagaagga iyo Semen Solar System = Iskujoogga qorraxda The Solar System = Isku-joog qorraxeed Galaxies = Diillimo-caanoodyo Planets = Meerayaasha Planet = Meere Planet = Malluug The Sun = Qorraxda Moon = Dayax Mercury = Dusaa Venus =...