cadaans are criminals

  1. CanIDimo

    My Cadaan Dentist told me i'm too short for a geeljire

    i had a dentist appointment today for a quick check up got to keep my teeth bright and healthy no snickers teeth business if you know what i mean. he the cadaan male dentist is a pretty tall guy himself 6'3, fyi i am 5'9 or 10ish i'm not a short guy by any means i'm similar height to most...
  2. Xooshdheere

    Matt Bryden

    Matt Bryden UAE paid agent. Persona non grata in Somalia. Sacked by the UN. Thrown out by Eritrea. White mercenary profiting from Africans.
  3. HuunoHunter

    Some funny website which reflects us yet insults us at the same time.

    Check this site out walaloyaal Some funny c*nt took the liberty in making a website which reflects the then current and present state of Somalia. These Cadaan xoolo probably jerk off when they a shoot a pirate or two, while forgetting they leave their shit hanging...
  4. John Michael

    Somali girl loses her job because she let her father borrow her car.

    She lost her security clearance to work at Pearson airport because her father gave a lift to two somali ex cons and apparently because a Dixon crew gang member knows her. Would you pass this sort of security clearance? I know I wouldn't. I find it hard to believe none of her co workers know of...