1. pablo

    Have you watched any of his videos?

    He makes very good points, they are tired of seeing tall slim very dark skinned son of aabo cush AUN walking the streets. I told you naago before, cadaanka way soo jeedaan. what do you guys think?:sass2: @Samaalic Era @geeljire madaxweyne @CaliTedesse @Nilotufian @Inquisitive_ @Abdalla...
  2. CanIDimo

    My Cadaan Dentist told me i'm too short for a geeljire

    i had a dentist appointment today for a quick check up got to keep my teeth bright and healthy no snickers teeth business if you know what i mean. he the cadaan male dentist is a pretty tall guy himself 6'3, fyi i am 5'9 or 10ish i'm not a short guy by any means i'm similar height to most...
  3. DuctTape

    Cadaan bootyclapping Somalis

    I found this comment on a kaban music video: The kaban is "totally guitar like Southern whites":deadosama: Boqor leflef and Birta Calanka accept our white heritage :dead: