1. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS 240 Heavily armed Somaliland soldiers defect from SL base into Buhoodle, Toghdheer region of Puntland

    The defected soldiers of 240 personals also got away with many technicals and weapons and brought all their gear to Buhoodle where they received a welcome party from fellow residents of Cayn capital city of Buhoodle Puntland. The soldiers said discrimination,abuse and injustice were few of many...
  2. DRACO

    Burao to Buhodle road reopens

    Burao to Buhodle road reopens as eight-year clan conflict is resolved By Radio Ergo - March 28, 2018 0 99 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Odayaasha beelo wada dega Togdheer oo ka shiraya sidii loo furi lahaa wadada u dhexaysa Buuhoodle iyo Burco/Khadar Cawl/Ergo The reopening last...
  3. Bohol

    600 troops to be nationalized by Farmaajo admin in Buhoodle, Northern Somalia

    The 600 former tribal army that rules Buhoodle district will come under the payroll of the Somali National Army (SNA). If the government of Somalia can pay its troops on time it will set a good example and every community can bring their men to enlist in the SNA. DEG-DEG Madaxweyne Ku...