1. CaliTedesse

    finally met a Dark Brown female Berber

    She was sitting at a uni table. Wallahi I thought she was Eritrean so I asked her. She had nice Long curls and typical Eritrean face. Only to see her smile as she replies and say she's Algerian and directly after that said she was a Berber with pride in her eyes wallahi billahi. Normally when I...
  2. VixR

    Nouveau America

    Spotify discovery. How true is this in the US?: Very. I was struck.
  3. Hades

    India outlaws Islamic divorce

    It's also known as triple talaq where a male can divorce his spouse by uttering the word thrice. What are your thoughts...
  4. Baraf

    I am a proud product of..

    Somali love.Are you?