1. Hodan from HR

    The Philosophy of Stoicism. This article talks about how practicing stoicism could be a solution for millenials and generation Z's increase in mental illness. Personally, I don't think we lack resilience. Each generation has their own...
  2. pablo

    Anyone read or downloaded this book?

    I can’t find this book anywhere it’s like it disappeared any got a PDF link?
  3. Saredo

    Book Recommendations

    Did you ever read a book that changed your perspective on life ? Your way of seeing things, doing things ? If yes please share it here. I’m preparing/buying all the books I want to read during winter. Thank you.
  4. JalleShibis

    Weekly /Sol/ thread #1

    post info graphics, based information and any general red pills you may have. i have a over 4 tb of red-pilled info. movies, books, studies all the good shit. remember leave some take some. also got a personal problem/mental illness? post it here and receive based tips. starting the tread out...
  5. CaliTedesse

    any great books I should definitely buy on amazon

    My interests are history Islamic book I like too
  6. L

    What Are Your Favorite Books?

    My Favorite books are: Fiction 1. Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown* 2. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy** Nonfiction Diary of a Yogi by Master Paramhansa Yogananda * Rita is my Favorite Author, and my Favorite Quote is by her: Happiness is pretty simple: someone to love, something to do...
  7. Jeesto

    Official 2017 Hargeisa Int. Book Fair

    The biggest book fair in East Africa is celebrating it's 10th anniversary tomorrow
  8. B

    What are you currently reading?

    Thought we could create this thread. I searched and there's nothing like it. I'm currently reading Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews.
  9. M

    Controversial Somali books should be documentaries instead

    Somalis are not book readers. How else would you explain the tiny amount of authors or books written by us? This is a legacy of illiteracy. Books like Xadka Riddada Maxaa Ka Run Ah? (Apostasy in Islam, is it true?) should be documentaries rather than books since the message can not reach people...