1. Zach

    Sabrina dhowre

    she made it to the MET GALA! That means she is legit a celebrity now.. what do you guys think of her?
  2. chosen one

    can you guys stop talking about Madows?

    Wallahi its EVERYWHERE on the forum its annoying and obsessive as hell. Wallahi I never used to think about them before I joined this forum and im from the UK where we apparently get bullied. Nobody cares about somalis IRL we are small in number and very quiet except online damn. This obsession...
  3. TheMadMullah

    The kneegrows would have been naked to date

    It's a fact that the kneegrows would have been in the bush and naked hadn't they NOT been exposed to outside world. Had the Arabs and whites and other civilized groups never made a contact with them they would never known what clothes are let alone anything else. Evidence to this is the blacks...