1. Odious Delirium

    The level of disrespect on display is out of this world 😭😭😭

    :damn: :hova::childplease::ohlord::susp::deadrose::deadpeter::dead::deadosama:
  2. Odious Delirium

    The reality of all that alpha/beta male phenomenon summed up

    Watch till the end 💀
  3. PhaedrusHunt

    #MakeHerDay - Brought to you by Feminism

    I play sports Proceeds to miss the shot.:farmajoyaab: I think I'm gonna do a dance for her Don’t do it, Garett. You’re literally going to dance your way to the friend zone? :noneck: "She loved it, I-I-I can tell. I-I mean, I got two hugs and two thumbs up! YES!" Look how she turns...
  4. S

    Do people like omega male

    I have evolved from Beta to Alpha to Omega Do people like Omega Males?
  5. P

    All my dreams got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot

    Nightmares got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot And loving you is a little different, I don't like you a lot I mean…f*ck