1. Hamzza

    Somalis and Body Hair

    In an examination done to 148 Somali Males, Females and children, body hair was found to be sparse in both adult sexes and none existent in juveniles. it is never abundant in women, while in men there is a small percentage (1.6%) of hairy individuals. Men have mostly sparse beard and mustache...
  2. Boogie

    Are beards genetic

    If so maternally or paternally :gaasdrink: :cosbyhmm:
  3. Marshall D Abdi

    I need serious help on how to grow a

    A beard someone tell me pleaee, i shaved on and on it just returns with goat beard:mjkkk:
  4. H

    Ladies, do you prefer men with beards

    I don't like my facial hair. I always used to trim down my beard as short as possible and recently, I started shaving off my beard with a razor. But I came across an article online stating that women actually like facial hair on guys. So what's your opinion xalimos ? If you do like facial hair...