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    'Where the White Man Runs Away' The idiot who 'inspires' this trash film ran that joke of a website 'Somalia Report' famous for hoax reports of attacks on NGOs which left them vulnerable to real attacks by Al Shabaab. His career trajectory is a...
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    New Barkhad Abdi interview with Hollywood Today

    He talks about his Oscar nomination and new movie Blade Runner 2.
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    Barkhad Abdi's social media accounts

    Barkhad Abdi is a Somali-American actor and director. He made his debut in the 2013 film Captain Phillips, for which he received various film award nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, and...
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    Barkhad Abdi's net worth

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    Barkhad Abdi congratulates King James

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    Barkhad Abdi cares about environment restoration

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    Barkhad Abdi to star alongside Al Pacino

    Al Pacino Joins Cast of Somali Drama 'Where the White Man Runs Away' (Exclusive) Al Pacino has signed on to join the cast of writer-director Bryan Buckley’s Where the White Man Runs Away. Captain Phillips star Barkhad Abdi and Melanie Griffith also are joining the drama, which marks...
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    Barkhad Abdi Quote of the Day

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    Barkhad Abdi signs autographs for fans

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    Barkhad Abdi vs Honolulu Police