1. Cabdi

    Af Maay is now officially a Bantu language...

    according to this cadaan guy :siilaanyolaugh:
  2. Xooshdheere

    Somalis in Kenya

    Somalis are marginalized by the Bantus but one of the most sucsessful in Kenya and the most entrepeneurial poeple. Dominate various private sectors in the Kenya economy. They have severe animosity towards us in Kenya, yet we still winning. A lesson the African Americans in America can learn...
  3. John Michael


    I heard about the ethio forum mereja from this site (lol it was the hawdian thread on Anonymous btw) and I was just perusing the site. what I notice was that they had similar themes to all the somali forums which included: Which Qabil is less/most bantu ( they have bantus?) Which qabils are...