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  1. JamalFarah

    Throwback: Dutch National Documentary exposing Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    https://www.bnnvara.nl/zembla/artikelen/the-holy-ayaan The story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali for many starts in her big break in the west by spilling Islamophobic filth. Truely, it starts way earlier, she was dutch MP who got kicked out for falsyfing her live story and outright lying. There was a...
  2. Maverick 2.0

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks on Current Race Relations and Identity Politics

  3. L

    LoveandLight is a National Hero!

    I AM a National Hero! My many years of Advocating for the Rights of Animals, Women, Babies and Children has made this so. Blessed be the Day LoveandLight was Born! How many Babies and Children have been Protected as a result of my Relentless Advocacy Work? LoveandLight the Liberator