asad osman

  1. CanIDimo

    President Asad Osman plays with the youth

    unpresidential Fatty Siciid Cabdullaahi MC' Deni could never do this or would never put himself in such position as it was bring his health to a critical and serious condition :pachah1:likewise with abdiwali out of gaas :mjlol: and these are the men some of yall clowns want to defeat SL
  2. CanIDimo

    We don't want a overweight president for puntland

    whatever happens just don't elect guys who look like this plz :damn:, wallahi it says a lot about their character and the trait they hold. abdiwali deserves to rest and get his health back together. he went from a relatively good looking man to a fat f*ck, he really is in a critical condition...
  3. CanIDimo

    The propaganda machine against General Asad Diyano has began

    You know the guy is prefect when they have to restore to such senseless claims, other candidates dream about this kind of foolish being spread about them :pachah1:since they have a real infamous dodgy history to worry about :mjlol: i believe @DR OSMAN is behind this.:susp: