1. CaliTedesse

    Weird thing about North Africans

    Especially Moroccans and Algerians and Tunisians. I noticed among their Berber speaking population, the ones that speaks Arab don't regard themselves as Berber anymore and distance themselves from the Berber umbrella. Imagine a Somali who speaks Arab denouncing he is Somali and he is Arab. Shit...
  2. Monisha Hershey

    ♀ Misogynist guys on SSPOT are BUMS

    Ladies you should look another way, Most guys on here don't have anything better to do but to slander and bash us Somali girls. They are a bunch of self-hating peasants who hate their own skin colour. You'll see most guys on sspot run after & bow down to other ajnabis, but as soon as they...
  3. Tywin Mejerteen

    Somali spy gets karbashed by the mandem

    Never work for the opps :hahaidiot:
  4. waranlee

    State of Emergency declared in VA, USA

    Virginia Gov. Declares State of Emergency as White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent by MARIANNA SOTOMAYOR, PHIL MCCAUSLAND and ARIANA BROCKINGTON CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Fights erupted and at least two people were hurt when white nationalists and counter-protesters violently clashed...
  5. Prince Abubu

    I predict by 2050...

    ...most 3rd world countries will be destroyed by drought, floods, disease, severe food-shortage and earthquakes - particularly in Africa. Climate change will continue to ravage the landscape of non-european/North American countries and will cause a migration crisis that will make the one today...
  6. Prince Abubu

    Somalis Win Collective L

    When savage countries like this have better infrastructure, Government and economies.:meleshame:
  7. dr.leorio

    Somalis vs African Americans?

    Somali girl calls into YouTube channel complaining about why A.Americans are treating her badly at her job. I'm not sure why Somalis care what mathows think about them but the guys response was very weak in my opinion. What do ya'll think?
  8. Prince Abubu

    The New Germans

    Aljazeera's strong efforts to promote "cadaan-genocide". @Amun you were right.:mjlol: Can you imagine a programme called "The New Saudis" starring African migrants? Right-wing nationalism for arabs and Left-wing multiculturalism for the cadaans.:mjcry:
  9. T1a

    I live in a model Somali town.

    No drug dealers, no dead beats. We've never been in the local news. We don't have shootings or stabbings. We make up approximately 0.2% of the towns population. We have 1 maqayad. This is why I can't relate to most of you.