1. The Somali Caesar

    Why do Somalis claim to be Banu Hashimi??

    I’m not sure if it’s just me who realises this but I see many Somalis saying they’re Arabs. Which boggles my mind. Let’s dissect Arab countries most of them got Arabized by invasion Look at the Levantine Arabs or the Berber Arabs or the Egyptians Arabs. My point is the only reason we didn’t...
  2. Helios

    Did Arabization Destroy The Islamic World?

    Bear with me here, I've been reading Ibn Khaldun's famous Muqaddimah and I'll be making a series of threads about some various chapters in the book Ibn Khaldun 1332-1406 was a legendary Arab philospher, Qadi and economist who lived in North Africa The early Ummayad and Abbasid caliphs leaned...