1. lalayariis

    Say something you like about the user above you.

    It’s ramadan, if you don’t have anything nice to say go on @Medulla ’s thread and he’ll clap you to Eid.:rejoice:
  2. Guts

    MSGA Appreciation Thread!

    Well no1 wanted to make me one so i had do it myself:mjpls::browtf::mjcry: Be nice to me haye? :lolbron::damn:
  3. Manafesto

    Jiron Appreciation Platinum thread

    Seriously we got a gazillion posts of members complaining, whining, begging, critiqueing and then the one poster who looks at everything on the positive side is always @Jiron, I didn't know a Somali male could be 100% as nice as Jiron. We as as SSpot members demand to know more about Jiron...
  4. Monisha Hershey

    Beautiful Song dedicated to us females ❤❤❤

    Take notes Faraxs... Qaali weeyan hablaheeno Somaliye dhaaba, mariin dhalaal xiga qaali waye luula:it0tdo8:
  5. Monisha Hershey

    ❤ ❤ Somali men appreciation thread ❤ ❤

    And when a Somali guy IS romantic. Somali women are the first to say: “OMG,akhas! Why is this Faarax trying to be like Brad Pitt?”:ftw9nwa: I wanted to clarify that I frickin adooore everything about Somali men. They have never seemed to fail me, they have always treated me with respect, love...
  6. WarsameXamse

    Somali girls salty because They didn't make it to the TOP TEN LIST

    they are hella mad because this Somali guy didn't put them in his top ten beautiful girls list AND THE TWEET IS GAINING TRACTION.