1. Wind

    Sea animals in Somali

    Came across this list of marine life in Somali, names of different kindes of fish, sharks etc. The list starts at slide 24.
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Crab amputates it’s own claw

    The crab tried to attack the bird’s baby and it backfired. The bird was like hell no ain’t nobody attack my baby and pecked the shit out of the bird. I have no sympathy for the Crab he knew what he was getting into :mjdontkno: :mjlol: :pachah1:
  3. 486th President

    CULTURE Somalia’s National Animal Is a Leopard????

    I find it strange that Somalias national animal is a leopard but last time I checked leopard aren’t even native to somalia let alone East Africa so why is the leopard our national animal and ive given some thought and think that there should be a new national animal for somalia maybe the Somali...
  4. Bohol

    SOMALILAND Hargeisa Development Thread

    Well done the HY owned company of Daryeel doing big things. Warka Masuuliyinta Shirkada Dhismaha Ee Daryeel Oo Daah Furay 300 Oo Guri
  5. Helios

    Favourite Animals?

    I like big cats and birds of prey but my favourite animal has to be the leopard.
  6. Anas.010


    which animals are currently in somalia? How will somalia's wildlife look in 50 years? I think if Somalia won't f*ck it up our wildlife will look like a ethiopia or if we have extreme luck it will be uganda 1 our government need to handle those Arabs who exploited our wildlife and kick the...
  7. L

    What Motivates You in Life?

    I AM Motivated by trying to Help Protect Animals, Babies, and Children! I Love the Somali speaking Peoples and I wish to Help them! Follow me as I Consolidate my Power as The Greatest Somali Wadani Hero who ever Lived Please visit my Threads on Health in the Women's Den.
  8. L

    Animal Justice

    SHOCKING: Animal Cruelty Exposed at Papanack Zoo
  9. shabellegal

    Native Animals and Flora Thread

    I’m really interested in documenting the native wildlife and plants that are in Somalia. Obviously due to decades of instability many species are on the verge of being endengered or even extinct. I strongly believe the SFG in the future should develop an agency similar to what we have in the U.S...
  10. government

    Somali wild life before and after

    This our wild life in the 50s and this is our wild life now