ancient egypt

  1. Marshall D Abdi

    Land of punt + Macrobians= Horn of africa

    Most detailed edited video about land of punt :lawd:
  2. CaliTedesse

    Inside the Burial Chambers of Sudan’s Royal Pyramids | Kush

    An underwater archaeologist has told the BBC of the extraordinary lengths he went to to access a pharaoh's tomb underneath a pyramid. Pearce Paul Creasman and his team were the first people to go into the tomb for 100 years and, in that time, it has become harder to access because of the rising...

    The Sound of the Ancient Egyptian Languages

    Interesting, what do you guys think? I think it sounds beautiful and magical and mysterious at the same time, which basically sums up the Ancient Egyptian civilisation :) To me, the Ancient Egyptian language has the Cushitic sounds and endings in their words but seems to be influenced by...
  4. SuldaankaDadka

    FAKE NEWS Definitive proof ancient egyptians were Somali

    This stick is known to Somalis by many names, among them hangool. It is used by animal herders, specifically camels and goats in Somalia but probably cows sometime in the past as well. The ancient Egyptians called it a “was” - meaning to dominate in their language. It was a sign of kingship...