amisom protectorate

  1. Calaami

    The heir to ATMIS/AMISOM in Somalia

    :gucciwhat: The SNA should be the only military we need. If the FGS is so dead-set on foreign military presence (I can’t blame them entirely this is what Uncle Sam wants) why not bring Djibouti or PL or SL. Ethnic Somalis rather than fufucels or xabashoids
  2. Golden

    Burundi military opposes Somali withdrawal plan
  3. T

    Paul Lokech: The Lion of Mogadishu, Man who is doing Failmajo's job This will be Brig Lokech’s second tour of duty in Somalia having served in the same capacity between 2011 and 2012 . During that period, Brig.Lokech is credited for a number of...