1. 4head

    Al-right 's yellow fever.

    What do you think of white dudes who fetished Asian ladies? It's not human lmao. I mean, it's fine to have a preference but some of them believe that asian women are the best as in Anime and movies. Which is ridiculous and dehumanising.
  2. Cazzo

    Muslim Man Assaulted By Alt-right Liverpool

    I'm crying, guys :jcoleno::jcoleno:Y'all know this would be blowing up across the right-winged community if the roles were reversed. This week in Brietbart: MUSLIM MAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTS INNOCENT BRITISH WOMAN. Wallahi, gaals are literal :trash: P.S @Reer UK, is this how y'all legit talk...
  3. S

    Wow, the alt-right is dumber than I ever could imagine, their former poster-child steve bannon's

    candidate has law-suit dismissed against the special election dismissed due to the fact that the filing in the relevant court of jurisdiction wasn't made.:) This guy was on the Alabama supreme court....:) The alt right is dumb :) @AbdiJew @SomaliWadaniSoldier @Reiko @The Cushitic One Source:
  4. Tywin Mejerteen

    White people are the superior race

    I admit it. They have balloon headed negros dying of malnutrition pushing their propaganda on the internet yaab. Instead of trying to kick the white man while hes down we are making we wuz jokes. Only a superior group can convince us that our main enemy is other defenceless negroes:mjlol: BLM...
  5. Prince Abubu

    Americans have lost the plot