1. C

    Somali dry lemons being sold in Saudi

    1kg for 3 dollars US what do you guys know about dry lemons can they be a profitable cash crop ?
  2. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS How much of Jubaland's Agricultural GDP is generated by nomads vs farmers?

    Ran some rough numbers to find out how much of Jubaland's agricultural GDP is generated by nomads vs farmers. Many people who have been to the Shabelle regions, Hiraan Middle & Lower Shabelle, assume that settlement and production patterns there are similar to Jubaland. I think this is a...
  3. Helios

    SOMALIA What Is Somalia's Agricultural & Water Capacity Prospects?

    PART I I was curious after skimming an old thread about the capability for food self sufficiency and how currently it isn't achievable due to the country's large population boom. What % sufficiency could Somalia feasibly achieve & what is the maximum sufficiency % that Somalia could potentially...
  4. π’π’šπ’’π’‚π’˜π’‚π’— π’Žπ’šπ’—π’—π’’

    Puntland Farmers Association-NEWS

    Good news: Puntland's farms/produce are enough to sustain the state, they were even exporting it to the South last year. However, there are issues that need to be dealt with. See below;
  5. M

    SOMALILAND Somaliland Farming and Food Production

    Well done Dr Mubarak Coldoon. digaaga digtoor mubaarig daryeelay