1. Abdisamad

    New type of limousine invented in Somaliland

    Look at this limo.. Hargeysa style :banderas:
  2. Nostalgia

    Farax 101

    Welcome to class of 2020 faraxs! Please watch these videos it's essential if you plan on getting married. 1. How to clean/tidy house 2. How to cook baris isku karis This is probably our national dish so you must learn it. 3. How to change a baby's diaper If you plan on having kids then...
  3. kickz

    NEWS 1 man 1 vote ad campaign in Somalia

    They hired a bunch of local singers to record this song; Imma vote in this instead of USA election if they allow diaspora to do absentee votes.:salute:
  4. Abdisamad

    Whats your new year resolution?

    My new year resolution would be to focus on my career and inshallah grow and make more money. Now whats your new year resolution? Please share with us
  5. IftiinOfLife

    What are your 2020 goals?

    2020 can you believe it? I remember the year 2000 like it was yesterday :gucciwhat:, I still can't believe it:damedamn: My GOALS for 2020, I'll update it as the year goes on. Start a new business Buy a house Buy a new car Give 20k to Hooyo Remain a virgin or Smash someone Go on Vacation Meet...
  6. The alchemist

    To all the americans!

    You americans need to redeem yourselves in 2020. I suggest you do yourselves and the humanity a favour by voting for this highly technical and inspirational asian fellow, Andrew Yang. Let's transition from a fake orange to real orange.:pachah1:
  7. S

    The 4 main problems facing President Farmaajo in one man one vote 2020

    Faarmajo 3 main promises are: 1: Build an army 2: Intregrate the federal state into one country 3: One man one vote The last one is the focus in this article, which brings an interesting view: Yesterday, following a drawn out process of indirect elections, Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo was chosen...