1. anon2

    HISTORY Somali Football HISTORY - Best Club In Somalia: Burco FC

    Burco back in the late 70's and early-mid 80's had one of the best football clubs in Somalia and had fans all over the country, They had an intense rivalry with Kismaayo FC. Burco TOGDHEER FC. at the time was one of the few cities in Somalia that was getting a lot of investing from the state...
  2. Afro-Diasporan

    Afro-Diaporan's Disco Official Disco Music Thread

    As I promised I will share the music of my culture and I decided to start with Disco. Disco helped laid the foundation for House Music. I will post a few songs of day in this genre so you can add to your playlist. In the future be on the lookout for my other music threads. Future Threads: 1.)...