Zakaria Xaji - "Somalia is now worse then it was under colonialism"

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The man that bravely and publicly spoke out against Gabre during the election backing Farmaajo, only to be stabbed in the back fiercely in a radio interview has stated that the situation in Somalia is worse then it has ever been even under colonialism

He states that under colonialism at least the people were united but now these politicians have broken the unity of the people in clandestine ways pushing everyone back towards the 90's.

“Dalka intiisa badan haatan waa la heestaa waa mid ka sii xun xiligii gumeysiga dalka Ajaanib ayuu gacanta ugu jiraa shacabkun maahan kuw mideysan ee iyaga ayaa la isku diray yuu yiri Xildhibaan Zakariye Xaaji Cabdi"

Farmaajo administration will be remembered as the people who drove the greatest wedge between Somali's and sold the entire country out to foreigners, Mogadishu used to be the only safe haven for people fleeing the Xabashi's but it has now officially become a Xabashi canton, no one can even speak out against them, just this week two high ranking officials that wanted to get the arms embargo lifted were murdered.

The way Farmaajo is shamelessly behaving we are headed towards civil which is exactly his goal, the Xasad of these people knows no bounds, all this while he is utilising his stooges to do the dirty work on the ground all made up of foreign agents to the TPLF to insulate himself.

They say you know a man by the company that he keeps.

His entire close staff are made up of bunch of known alcoholics with a longevity rap sheet of balwad that would even shock the light weight saaqids on sspot.
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Lol farmaajo drove a wedge between somalis. No, moryaans caused the wedge and somalia is done. f*ck outta here with ur bullshit.


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"Somalia" didn't exist during the colonial period so how can it be worse than it was during colonialism?:mjlol:


"Somalia" didn't exist during the colonial period so how can be worse than it was during colonialism?:mjlol:
Horta, what is the historical name for the lands of Somalis before colonialism? I know, MJ lands were called, Dal-Udug, but what about the other places?
I rally like the Zak guy. He has the charisma and vision of a good leader. Ofcourse he is also correct on his analysis, the foreigners tell us do this and that or no aid. This is why Somalis will never succeed unless they build a state by themselves without massive aid. This is why gobols were strong to begin with but now are slowly succumbing to aid. Aid only brings corruption, loss of sovereignty and expired food.

May Allah help us for we are severely fucked.
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