your phone cameras make u vulnerable.


The one and only 4head
I would hate it seein a guy like me all day long on camera:pachah1::pachah1:
I do some haram stuff as well:ulyin::ulyin::ulyin::hemad:
Poor bastards, leave my ass alone:drakekidding::heh:

Vicky Londres
5 months ago
This is why I buy only "dumb" TVs. . My last electric toothbrush came with an app for me to track my dental hygiene. I can only think that people are going mental, who needs a toothbrush linked to the internet?

Jovy Gonzalez
5 days ago
ive been telling this to my friend but they dont believe me even your cellphone camera someone can access it without knowing it.
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I watched this a while ago ,they recommend changing the default factory password on your internet connected devices to a strong password and then you’re safe from hackers.