Your favorite 90s bollywood memories.

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And seek help in patience and prayers
I use to love going to those tin shacks they call movie "theatres" and watch 3 hours of Hindi movies almost every week. The 90s Bollywood was awesome. I caught the back end of Mintuns, Amatib Bachnan, and Dharanmandra's career to the emergence of fresh stars like Govinda, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Sha Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol, Anilka Kapoor. To the ladies like Karisma Kapoor, she was my fav.

Today I YouTubed some of these movies. Oh the memories.


And seek help in patience and prayers
American movies were shown at night. Lots of Van damme and from Hong Kong we had Jackie Chan.


I don't discriminate I fuk with everything. BW used to be the shit back in the day but it's ass now. I haven't watched a BW movie in a long time.

I remember back home and Kenya when the good ole legendary actors used to be on screen oh the memories. I also use to watch some good American movies.:wow:


Suldaanka Gobyare
Bollywood deteriorates your brain.

Only when I was little , I can only remember 2 movies, since I watched it with the fam.

Quick facts:

- There is a cow piss industry in India
- India's population 2/3 bleach their skin.
- Hinduism has 330 million deities.

and last but not least, I fucks with kamasutra.
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