Yasiin Fareey seat has now been confirmed by Guddiga Khilaafaadka doorashada


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.

suspicious asap ferg GIF by iOne Digital
I have read the report. People who aren't from yasiin fareey's jiffo can't run for the seat. That's one conclusion for a case. Another one is the nabadoon for fareey's jiffo. Does he think this is 2016? His signature is not needed, any nabadoons and civil society can select the ergooyin.

I fail to see how this is unfair. The ergada are all this jiffo, and the odayaal and civil society are this jiffo. So what's the problem? No one cares if one oday is left out. This election model gives power to the FMS to choose whoever they want for oday and civil society. Why didn't the opposition protest when the agreement was reached? Or did they not read it?