"Xinjiang; growth and peace are the answer"

Xinjiang; growth and peace are the answer

Anywhere in the world if tyranny rules in which basic human rights are usurped, freedom of expression is denied, opportunities to grow are snatched and curbs are put on the public to exercise their religions, the shine is taken off from such a region and eventually development, peace and stability take a backseat.

If the doctrine of the west and the US is accepted, that Xinjiang, China’s northwest Uyghur Autonomous Region, is the worst area in these terms where the Chinese government has unleashed hell on Uyghurs, the territory must have hit rock bottom in all sectors, suffering societal torments, educational downturn, economic decline and collective disasters. Contrary to all odds, Xinjiang, despite being victimised by venomous propaganda, is scoring well in a multi-faced development index. Indicators in different spheres of life spell successes throughout the region.

In the backdrop of economic development that realised a historic leap, Xinjiang’s GDP rose from 791 million yuan (about 115 million US dollars) in 1952 to 1.22 trillion yuan in 2018, an average annual growth of 8.3 percent. Per capita GDP increased 37.7 times on an inflation-adjusted basis to 49,475 yuan."


I cant believe the “Salafi” anti-commie has now went on to become an outlandish ccp mouthpiece.
I've been there before and Urumqi (Xinjiang capital) is a beautiful place and is developing nicely, but they're still putting Uyghurs in concentration camps, there's no talking around that.


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