Xamar chooses Sharia law

the head of somalia's high court BAASHE YUUSUF AXMED has today said that for a man and a woman to stay in a hotel together in Muqdisho, they must provide evidence of their marriage certificate to the hotel owners

2:02 "who can stay in hotels together? two people, a man and a woman, can they stay in a hotel together? no"

2:13 "two people of the opposite sex who want to stay in a hotel room together, the hotel must ask them for the marriage certificate. if this is not asked of them, the hotel is taking part in the facilitating of FUSUQ (transgressions of Islamic law)


this comes as part of new steps which will be implemented to try and reduce the increase in crimes (RAPE, DRUGS, PRE-MARITAL SEX) which BAASHE says have no place in Somali culture


Woman's rights activist
They can't but if a rape case happens again in a hotel, the details of the individuals can be checked and if they aren't married, the hotel management can be penalised.
I see. Did hamdi Farah incident trigger this law? More needs to be done, like prevention campaigns . There are serious animals in Somalia
@Abdi Caato disbeliever doesn't need courts or men in society, just the words alone appeal so much u need courts and police officers to stop it, this will make it attractive to them. Their is already a huge disbeliever movement happening on facebook, since they all have the internet, u going to ban facebook too? u can't stop it, your own book says 'wa balan illahi that disbeliever will exist till the end of days' it's already guaranteed nothing those weak ass courts can do about it. The message of disbelief will reach them to decide if they want it or not, there is nothing u can do about it, they have to make that choice and see why disbelievers left islam. We already got 80k on facebook ayaanle page, damn nigga.

They will leave islam because they will see when none of your clerics can even defend it, iyaga iskaga tagayo knowing arinta islamka waa man made, even u abdi have left islam deep down u only hold onto it becuz of family or societal reason not because it is true.