Xalimo from the states claiming minister Yariisow raped her in Xamar

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John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!

This is bad if true but I can't stop laughing at her voice and mannerisms :yloezpe:

Edit: :farmajoyaab: what's this site doing to me? I'm laughing at rape victims. Uff @the yarisow degenerate. Nacaala, he probably does this a lot. How did a say wallahi girl get a ministers phone number?
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Agent 47

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Obvs bro
She's never been to Xamar
Yariisow said I got the money ayadoo suugo ka urayso oo bila deodorant bay diyaarada fuushay:susp:
Now she wants a child support:lolbron:

ninku wuuw ku aasay. I shouldn't be laughing But I think it's another YT somali BS.

El padrone

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daaamn shes pretty. if she wants pay back she can rape me all she wants.

PS: abaayo if you are reading this, im sorry it happened to you, but if you want revenge on him, slide in my dms, im related to the minister, you can have your payback on me. Tx
:cosbyhmm:what? How did she get his number if she didn't see him before she what to muqdisho?
why would you go to Another country for a guy you never met? ....Kacsi
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