WOW! Canadian Geeljires becoming Mafia. Kidnapped a filthy rich Chinese student 4 ransom

the coward surrendered. he did not get anything from the kidnapping. he is gonna be facing at least 10yrs behind bars. what a coward pusssy-hole.

Abdullahi Adan, 37, of Toronto, was identified as one of four suspects in the kidnapping, and a Canada-wide warrant was put out for his arrest on Monday. York police said Tuesday that he had turned himself in overnight.

He is facing charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault and assault with a weapon. He will be appearing in court in Newmarket at 50 Eagle St. on Tuesday morning for a bail hearing.


Canadian jails don’t really give that harsh of a sentence I would be wilding out if I lived in some of these countries especially the Scandinavian ones(jails are like a hotel, plus can get a degree while there) I would just do a crime that’s worth it like robbing millions or crazy scams until caught but just hide it somewhere then take my time like a champ


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