Women in Somaliland furious after rape victim is killed and killer is set to be free.

Take into consideration this and that's that they are considered pillars of the community they wield an enormous amount of power. Think about how our parents generation revere the "elders" I know I am going to get some backlash but Siad Barre's reign did that one thing right which was limit the power of those men.
Sad but true. Most Somali parents would defend these evil elders if you said anything about these them and the so called culima. The parents will curse you into the next life. May Allah make our parents see the evils they have caused us. Somali elders have added on or are the leaders of every bad situation we are facing.
I often wonder this too. And I think a part of it has to do with viewing women as Jezebel or Virgin Maryama. They don’t see the victims as victims but somehow deserving of this ill treatment. They are arrogant and believe it will never ever happen to their own family members - and when it does their shame prohibits them from acting - because by their own logic their daughter/sister must have deserved it too. Then they will use these incidences to further police and control their women’s bodies. Like ‘you better wear a niqab or you’ll get raped and it’s on you because you’re asking for it’. It’s a jaahil mindset and couldn’t be further from our Deen.

Also I think some men confuse being controlling because of ego and insecurity for being protective because of compassion.
The thing is, Somali women/girls wear jilbab and most wear the niqab when going to busy areas. Little girls are forced to wear the jilbab before they can walk and talk in Somalia. What about the fact that boys and baby girls too and elderly women are raped, how will the rape apologists going to justify that I wonder. Somali men need to have a serious conversations with each other and have a deep look into their souls and realize just how morally corrupt and far strayed from the deen they are.


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The punishment for a rapist is crucifixion, idk why this isn't carried out.

As a male i respect women because i came from a women and was nurtured by a women.

Its sad state of affairs that most muslim men are cucks in this day and age.

F** losers can't even govern properly

Feel like hiring some mercenaries executing a few elders and establishing sharia law.


Justice only comes with Allah's law.