Woman beats up 19 yr old son

She is 100% to blame for her son's behaviour. Anyone who raises their children well will not have to worry about them becoming a roadman.

It's possible to not hit your child even once in their life because if you taught them well, then they won't do something wrong and you have no reason to hit them.


I just threw up in my mouth. Even if you could say this is discipline, why is she recording it and posting it on social media?

She’s been hitting him all his life, and he turned out to be a loser.


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
Just wondering, why do you keep posting stuff from that account on twitter? I have nothing against it, but I've seen you post his stuff here a few times- is it accurate/up to date with london's current situation?


I have no proof, only whispers
This kid is just going to end up resenting his mother. There are better ways to stop your child from being a 'badman'.

Ship your child to military school to teach them discipline or get them enrolled in activities that do not leave them time to fall in with the wrong crowd. I think having them compete in competitive sports from a young age would fit that criteria.