Why I say Mogadishu isn’t serious about a functioning Somalia.

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Lower House adjourns over quorum hitch

The House failed to kick-start business after re-opening as less than half of the MPs were present

The Lower House failed to kick off business today after more than half of the MPs failed to turn up culminating into a quorum hitch.

Only 116 lawmakers availed themselves for business today falling short of the 139 needed to commence proceedings. The Lower House quorum threshold in 139 MPs.

Lawmakers who spoke to Goobjoog News said most of the cabinet ministers, who number around 45 failed to turn up.

The Lower House resumed re-opened last week after proceeding for recess mid-December. Failure to kick-start business could adversely affect the passage of important bills necessary for the preparation of the 2020 elections.

The UN Security Council last week called on the Federal Parliament and the Government to expedite the debate and passage of the elections law by mid this year. The Bill is yet to be tabled in the House for its first reading.

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