Why do you think Muslim women struggle to wear the hijab fully or properly? And your general thoughts on hijab

This is something I wonder too. Why is it so hard for Muslim women to hide their beauty to non mahrams? Why do they want to wear tight dresses, a veil that doesn't cover all the hair and the cleavage? Why sexualize yourself?

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Serious question, how is being a non hijabi sexualising yourself ? Do you get a boner just by seeing a women's hair ? If so then the problem is you.


because some muslim women in the usually arent educated about it or some are forced by their families so dont have a connection with it which is a basic response if you dont like something youre not going to wear it
No judgement like you guys said but this whole thread seems like it lol. Everyone has their own religious journey so let’s just leave it at that and focus on your own akhirah.


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