Why did the US fight against Britain for independence in 1776 ?


Forza Somalia!
Because the milk is put in the cup after the coffee not before. The British were uncivilised pigs who put the milk first
Because king siad barre the third had a long ass war with france that left his country broke. So to make that months ayuuto payment he tried to tax the waqoyi settlers but it backfired and they threw all the southern sourced khat into the sea at boston or berbera or something, i dont really know history like that.
Unreasonable taxation.

Truthfully they were probably itching for independence and would use any excuse for it.
well basically there was this terrorist group led by a man named George Washington and a bunch of other Freemasons and they thought divine right of kings and religious monarchy wasn't good enough for them, they wanted a secular liberal democracy as part of an international satanic conspiracy