Who Own Balbalaare Hotel


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Which clan owns this hotel? come on @Jablibax you should know this.
Ditore I think puntland should discourage copy cat business especially hotels regardless of how Uber magnificent and world class they are.

I don't know what the cost of these hotels are(I presume a lot), and am sure some of them serve for a purpose but I think there are more mega hotels in the pipeline.
That's major capital pouring into one sector of the economy and what's the need for it? Puntland is not a tourist hub.
I understand that the government can't force where somebody invests their money constitutionally and can't directly persuade them to venture their preferred areas because of liability issues.
However, I think puntland should create a quasi public corporation that undertake a feasibility study on other sectors of the economy and make it available for potential investors.

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Can't forget @Tucking_Fypo the insider lol
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