Who knows me best challenge!!! My husband vs my sister

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31/12/16 - 04/04/20
You're so mean!!!

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I have the right to be mean :manny:they are deceiving 5000+ people :susp:some of them are little kids :susp:just look at the fitna they spread:
Little somali kids are going to think its okay to do haram! :susp:I'll leave them alone if they tell their fans that they're not muslim.
YouTube comment sections is the new front akh :russ:

I like all women:stevej:but i wouldn't breed with a xamar cadcad :ohlord:i need 6ft + sons:denzelnigga:
My auntie (Reer Xamar) had kids with ethnic Somali and one her kids Is 6'3. My maternal grandfather (Reer xamar) was reportedly very tall.
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