Which Forum-er do you wanna SLAP out of sheer annoyance?


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
I beg your pardon. I want to slap "Jiron"! This too good, almost angelic character annoys me. Show me some evilness yaaaqeee!!!!
:mugshotman: don't copy warya
Yours is like this
InsistentIndelibleBelugawhale-small (1).gif

Mines is like
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To each their own
What's so annoying about @Basra, she is probably the most sweetest member on this forum I have encountered so far.

The person I would slap would probably be @LoveandLight. He is toxic and is spreading misinformation on this website.
I wanna slap aussie for sharing the nasty thing him and couple of friends did to a kangaroo after getting drunk. That sh1t is not normal.

I wanna hug basra though. She is funny as hell


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