What percentage of somali men do you think had "regular" upbringings?

regular meaning middle-class upbringing, no crime, no drugs, no alcohol, good highschool grades, went to Uni. etc.
Just a normal guy.

what percentage of somali guys do you think had this type of upbringing?

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25%. But not all of the 75% with bad upbringing end up as dead beats. I’d say about another 25% of those 75% end up normal, meaning about 50% are regular guys.
I would say most somalis do not have a middle class up bringing unless there second gen basically the children being raised now. As for your other conditions I would say most don't partake in drugs/alcohol/crime those that do are a loud minority. As for grades that random I guess.

I would say most of us are normal guys.


Depends which place they grew up , if they grew up in London, Minneapolis or Toronto they probably seen /experienced a lot .