What is the actual evidence against Matt Bryden?

I'm not questioning it. I've read a lot of Sahan's work over the years. But I don't know all of what they're doing in Somalia. I read this article, but a lot of it seems to be about differences of opinion (Bryden is clearly a pessimist about Somalia and Somali politics):

When I try to dig deeper, I see allegations of spying and murder. I'd like to actually understand these allegations. Can someone help? I have no reason to trust one person's unsubstantiated rumors about Bryden more than his own unsubstantiated arguments. I don't really care what he has to say about Ethiopia or Eritrea. I'm interested in the charges (legal and non-legal) against him related to Somalia.
Bryden – a womanizer who is addicted to a Kenyan stimulant leaf, khat, according to the people who know him — is so suspect that he even keeps his photo or any other details relating to his career from his Twitter account.
Definitely a hit piece inspired by ciil:deadpeter: