What evil eye does to you : EPIC STORY


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QUICK INTRO: OK, so in Australia, we have a very large Lebanese community in Sydney (I live in Brisbane, but I've seen them on visits over there) who've been living there since the 1970s. Since then they've built themselves a rather well established community with many prominent people :ehh:

STORYTIME: So there's this one guy named Salim Mehajer (Lebanese) who was a council member a few years ago in one of the Lebanese dominated suburbs, who got attention all over the country because he threw the most over-the-top wedding anyone's ever seen (CHEESY fake video of how he met his wife, had a bunch of supercars on display, and illegally closed off the roads so his community partied on the streets, which angered the neighbours) here's the video :mjlol: he and his wife didn't even attend university, so that part of them meeting on campus was BS and super cringe, she was some beautician :deadrose:

then people were talking about their multi million dollar wedding non stop which was obviously giving the couple evil eye , because Mehajer soon found himself being stalked by the media constantly, even though he was chasing the spotlight. Here he was, announcing his ambition to become the Prime Minister :drakelaugh:

then, just a couple of years after his wedding, it was revealed that his wife got an AVO (apprehension violence order) against him because apparently he was very abusive to her (I mean, she was a regular cadaan lady named April Learmonth before she met him , he forced her to convert to islam, change her name to Aysha and get extensive plastic surgery to look arab )

Before the surgeries: :ehh:

After: :holeup::susp:


Anyway, people started suspecting that he was an abusive husband (if you look closely in the Prime minister video of him at 0:17 , he gestures his hand toward her, and she shies away, hinting that she is afraid of his hand) and before they knew it, Aysha had packed her things, left his mansion, and got an AVO against him. He then sent this TERRIFYING video to her because she wasn't picking up his calls and he was obsessively stalking her, and she sent it to her friend, who then showed the media. I imagine it was extremely embarrassing for Salim. Check it out :jaynerd:

So now they are officially divorced, he got sacked from his position as deputy mayor of his town (due to being exposed for excessive corruption) and he's since been serving time in the slammer :heh: Never underestimate the evil eye folks! This guy's life is officially over :drakelaugh:


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She is lucky she escaped before he killed her.

I would not be suprised if he said things to diminish her. It always starts out small. Contrary to popular belief abusers exist across all social stratas and any woman even the most confident, accomplished and stalwart one can be in an abusive relationship (be it exclusively emotionally, physically or both).


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