DJIBOUTI What do you guys think of the Al-Noor city Project

There is this project called al Noor city which is building a city from Djibouti's side of the red sea to Yemen's side.
The thing is that if this city is built, Somalis, Afar and Yemenis will be a minority in the city and the majority will be Asians and Europeans and others like gulf Arabs since it lies on one of the most strategic valuable straits in the world. The city will be an economic hub and will be the centre of Afro-Asiatic trade.
And if that is the case the city is probably going to call for independence and become like city-state like Singapore. The good thing is that it will generate a lot of money for Djibouti's and Yemen's economies and may help the countries reach their potential. I think the city could be built by china if they wished so and maybe other powers? idk.
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Probably won't happen until Yemen is stabilised.

This project started in 2009 and we still haven't seen noticeable progress. One could argue that the Arab spring paused it or we could just chalk it down as a false hope.

If it does happen, I will be really excited and/or intrigued but highly doubt it.
@Kool-Aid @Periplus What if China demanded that Djibouti gives land to China to repay its debt and china also buy land from the pro-government coalition of Yemen that is corrupt and will do everything to get funds to win the war?
But I think the project has to wait till the Yemen civil war is over like @Periplus said. Even tho this project is from 2009 is still a valuable project that can't be forgotten and it's getting more valuable due to Ethiopia's growing workforce/middle class and demand that is important. Would be interesting to see the demographics and culture of the city and maybe it would be the first international that doesn't have a majority culture.
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2 shithole countries linking up to build a modern city? What drug are you on sxb? :mjlaugh:
I'm on DMT jk @OzzyOz
The project is very valuable in terms of a geographic strategic position in the world. The project is also not impossible and could happen very soon if a superpower wished to create it.
So what drugs are you on sxb? *saying it in a passive aggressive way*