What are the conditions to create

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A successful child that will go onto to become something. He/she doesn't have to be Mark Zuckenburg but be the kind of Indian-American child, you know the ones that compete on the spelling bees and who later on become MDs.

What can a Somali parent do to give that child that type of opportunity?

Neighborhood and school are important and that's obvious.

At the sametine I don't my child to be godless.

Should that child be a tiger parent, Strict and all ?

Or is it more about investing your child in clubs ( reading club, the swimming team, boys scouts and etc) or taking that child to your local science place ?

Let's please put our opinions out there

Let me hear you guys.
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It's too late by the time they're old enough to be a part of teams and clubs. You need to invest a lot of quality time from when they are born on through to toddler age. Reading, flashcards, games, talking to your child. At least one parent (or, grandparent in our culture) should be at home until the child is ready for school.


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Honestly, the first thing Somali parents should do is communicate with their children and actually speak with them and not at them.

Never be a tiger parent, it'll probably make your children resent you at best. Give them lots to do when they're young though, children are full of energy. In terms of sports, swimming definitely and maybe soccer or basketball (whatever they like). Teach them to skate maybe? Don't discriminate between your sons and daughters. Self-defense classes when they're a bit older. Whatever they're interested in honestly. Take them to dugsi as well (obviously), just make sure the macalin speaks English.

Definitely make sure they know how to read and do math (make sure they're at least at grade level). The earlier you start investing in their education, the more likely that they'll be ahead of their peers. Take them out for family trips (doesn't have to be far away, perhaps a local park or something). Make sure you know what they're supposed to do for homework, check their agendas. Actually go to their school and check in outside of parent-teacher interviews (how they're socially as well as academically).

Invest in your child and know that they're an investment in this life and for the next as well. And make lots of dua for your child/children and do your best within your circumstances.


I don't think children molded into whatever you want them to become, that seems like the wrong approach. It's probably best to identify the child's strengths and weaknesses at a young age and then work based upon that.
Raising successful or good children requires time and energy. Mothers and fathers need to work as team. It would be hard for one parent to do everything for the children therefore, both need to be equally involved in the child's life and education. I believe fathers and mothers have unique and complementary roles in the home. When fathers are involved in the child's life they can monitor and discipline the child. When it comes to discipline mothers and fathers use different approaches. Fathers are more likely to confront the chid while mothers use emotional attachment to influence the child's behavior. Thus, children need both parents to be successful.
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