What’s your favourite feature?

Desert Flower

Yarta Dheereey
For me, I love my lips and smile. A lot of people ask me if I wore braces (I did) because they assume my teeth are naturally straight. My lips too because they’re full and shapely.

What say you?


I think eyes are an underrated feature, unless they’re coloured ppl don’t compliment them but some eye shapes are beautiful.
i think brown eyes are beautiful even though a lot people have them. they compliment people of all skin tones, especially those with darker skin tones.
eyes are also the windows to the "soul" (or so they say; tells a lot about someone's emotions) :rejoice:
Can you girls be a little bit more descriptive blease, I have a friend here who can sketch ppl very well here:yacadiim:

Seriously though you girls are probably all gorgeous women! Mashallah!

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