Wendy Williams is hating on happy married traditional maadow woman

I don’t listen not most older blacks because they have the same mentality as Wendy . I have relatives like this as well. I’ve been in a stable relationship for 4 years, but my single aunties/cousins want to give me advice. When I followed their advice, it ruined all of my relationships and I was depressed asf


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
Is it really traditional though? The woman said she's been trying to retire her husband for 15 years. Why would you work hard for that long so your husband can quit his job and stay home all day:kanyehmm:

They're both the same age and fit/able bodied, why can't he retire her.

Ironically they're both one of the more stable relationships I've seen and Wendy with alllll her baggage and low self esteem has 0 room to be lecturing anybody on their relationship, she's let her own husband get away with murder and came on TV judging others for years lol.